About Us


Polity was founded by Darryl Nelson, who has more than 20 years media and research consulting experience across corporate and public sectors. Formerly managing partner with social research consultancy Auspoll and senior consultant with B2B consultancy Frost & Sullivan Australia, Darryl’s research-based insights have informed decision making across all sectors, from corporate to government to not-for-profit organisations.

Darryl is a full member of the Australian Market & Social Research Association (AMSRS)


Our Consulting Experience

Darryl is highly experienced in researching all strata of stakeholders, from C-level execs to employees, from specific communities (e.g. members) to general public. With a background as an industry analyst and social research analyst, Darryl understands both business and public agendas, and is uniquely placed to help organisations drive and create shared value outcomes.

He has an honours degree in Communication Theory from London Guildhall University and is currently undertaking his PhD in Framing Theory at UTS in Sydney

Darryl’s stakeholder management and communication clients have included:

  • Action Aid
  • Reconciliation Australia
  • Generation One
  • United Voice
  • The Business Council of Australia
  • The Lowy Institute
  • The GCCSI
  • NSW Farmers’ Federation
  • SBS
  • Attorney General’s Department
  • NPS (National Prescribing Service)
  • National Australia Day Council

Our Not-for-Profit Sector Expertise

Polity specialises in working with NGOs and Not-for-Profit organisations, to develop research-based strategies that drive progressive outcomes and help make the world a better place, even if just a little.

We are particularly experienced in working with organisations focused on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, including Reconciliation Australia and Recognise.

Our Research & Consulting Philosophy

Polity’s research philosophy is based on many years experience working with clients to deliver research that is not only rigorous but also delivers against objectives. Our consulting approach addresses 3 paramount factors for research effectiveness:

  • You must be asking the right questions – in other words, avoid ‘garbage in, garbage out’
  • You must be asking the right group(s) of people – by defining research sample correctly
  • You must be able to intuit and extract the right insights from their answers – delivering underlying themes and core patterns which directly and succinctly inform the client’s objectives

Our research expertise encompasses contemporary approaches using both qualitative and quantitative fieldwork:

  • Depth interviews
  • Online qual forums
  • Mini focus groups and affinity groups
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Online and mobile quant surveys
  • Telephone surveys (CATI)
  • Intercept surveys (face-to-face in situ)
  • Advanced analytics