“You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result”
Mahatma Gandhi

Polity specialises in designing and analysing research studies which provide strong strategic evidence, towards stakeholder relations and advocacy management. Our research-based insights provide clients with robust evidence which enables them to track and deliver effective and progressive advocacy and/or engagement response options.

Our research and strategic analysis approach is based on contemporary professional knowledge and academic models from Communication and Framing Theory and Behavioural Economics. Advances in social and neurological sciences have developed a strong understanding of the human cognitive process, which Polity draws on for both fieldwork input and analysis output.

Utilising those frameworks, particularly in terms of how BE biases and cognitive meaning intersect with framing within textual spaces, Polity works with clients to deliver strong insights to inform effective issues management, improve stakeholder relationships, and to develop compelling advocacy data or message framing.


Please reach out to discuss your project needs with us and to learn more about Polity’s services.