Stakeholder Connection & Engagement

Research evaluation of key factors underpinning stakeholder relationships and expectations. Polity insights enable organisations to connect more effectively with stakeholders by building relationships with greater shared value

Advocacy & Media/Government relations

Research evidence strongly supports advocacy and thought leadership activities, by providing relevant data insights and enabling strong journalist relationships. Polity research ensures evidence is rigorous and balanced, so as not to be undermined by traits of bias or misrepresentation

Framing & Communication Strategies

Audience research is vital to ensure communication strategies are based on the thinking (dominant cognitive frames) of those who will receive the messages, and not on the ‘frames’ of those who are sending the messages. Polity’s communication research model ensures clients understand which framing options are most effective to motivate people’s thinking among key target audience groups

Communication & Framing Theory Workshops

Develop your inhouse communication team with a crash course in the key communication lessons that have been learned through academic enquiry, and which are now becoming firmly embedded into mainstream communication practices. The 3-4 hour workshop includes:

  • The History of Academic Communication Theory:¬†key¬†learning about audience effects
  • From Academia to Mainstream: how these theories are now emerging in Behavioural Economics and communication framing approaches
  • Communication at Work: real world examples and cognitive/framing exercises for the team, to illustrate contemporary understanding and approaches
  • Client Communication ‘Workshopped’: semiotic and cognitive review of existing client communication materials